Demanding Logistics Inc.

Our mission is to deliver excellence in customer service and customer satisfaction while valuing safe transport to provide our clients their products on time and intact.

Welcome to Demanding Logistics Inc.

Where we provide pickup and delivery services for homes and businesses!

Thank you for choosing us!

We take pride in having built our career around providing excellent customer service.  


Worry Free Deliveries

Our drivers deliver your packages on time and damage free!

Our Specialization

We know what our customers need:

On time

We deliver and pickup your parcel in a timely fashion.

We ring your doorbell

We ring your doorbell on each home delivery.

Your package

We place your package per your request.

Customer service

We provide customer service with a smile.

Calendar year

We deliver all year long.


Safety is always our number one priority.

What Our Clients Say

We’re eager to hear from you, tell us about your experience.

Our Expert Team

Our Management Team consist of Logistics experts, Project Managers,  Site Safety Health Officer and Operation Support.